Did you know that our games are 90 minutes long???

At this time, all games are PRIVATE GAMES ONLY, due to Covid-19.  Your group will not be mixed with any other players/groups.  We recommend having at least 4 players in your group due to the setup of the game.  Since you will not be mixed with other players, it is important that your group has enough team members to make your experience amazing!  It is possible to play the game with 2 or 3 players, but it is not recommended because of the difficulty level and setup of the game. 

To book your reservation…

Please call us at (818)588-3939


Pricing for PRIVATE GAMES-90 Minutes:  

2-4 Players: $200

5-6 Players: $250

7 Players: $280

8 Players: $320

Any additional players will be $40 each.